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Photo Gallery of Historic Moments in Canadian Politics - From the Private Collection of William C. Stratas, Photojournalist

Canada has a rich, proud tradition of political history, drama and intrigue. Our nation has experienced its fair share of wild moments, dramatic events, and suspenseful turning points, similar to those that help shape the political history of any modern democratic nation.

To illustrate this rich history, Planetcast offers this picture gallery of historic moments in the political life of Canada. The photographs, in classic black-and-white, were taken by William Stratas, president and founder of Planetcast, in the course of his prior career as a photojournalist.

For added impact William has added extensive background commentary text, plus audio narrative at the bottom of selected gallery pages. He welcomes your comments and feedback to the historic moments captured in these galleries. Enjoy!

This site is listed on, Canada's national cultural resources portal. This site was selected as Yahoo Pick of the Week for April 3-9, 1998. This site is listed on, one of the world's leading information directories.

For inquiries regarding reproduction, purchase or publication rights of these images, please contact the photographer, William Stratas:


The centre of a thronging audience, and the entire nation.



The soon-to-be new leader enters, as the current one exits, stage right.



After years of struggle, a moment of emotion after leadership defeat.



The classic decisive moment in the 1984 televised leaders' debate.



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